8 Best FAANG Interview Prep Courses in 2023

best FAANG interview courses

Landing a job at a FAANG is the dream of most undergrad programmers and software engineers. 

But, facing the FAANG interview could pose a challenge. For several years now, FAANG has consistently evolved and led the world into numerous innovations that have changed our lives dramatically.

The success recorded at these companies is driven by the exceptional people working there. 

The FAANG companies constantly seek to hire top talents with fresh passion and skills that would continually fuel innovative ideas across the board.

One question that stays top of mind for most budding programmers is how to put the odds in their favor and stand out in the FAANG interview.

It is best to mention that the FAANG job hunt is highly competitive, with hundreds of thousands of talented candidates competing for the few positions available at these companies. Adequate preparation is the only way to stay ahead of the pack in any FAANG interview.

Below is a detailed highlight of some of the best FAANG interview prep courses in 2022. 

Each of these courses has its own advantage, but all the courses give you some unique benefits.

1. Tech Interview Pro

Tech interview pro is a premium FAANG interview prep course with over 150+ training episodes providing solutions to all likely FAANG interview questions. 

The course was introduced by Patrick Shyu who tried multiple times to get into the FAANG with no success.

After a decade of consistent application, he finally landed a position at Google. It was this experience that prompted TechLead to launch a platform that allows him to bring a solution to other people facing the same challenge with their FAANG interviews.

Tech Interview Pro Course Overview

The course is taught by one of the best minds in this field. It covers all aspects of coding interview questions, projects, and tasks to help learners stay current and equipped.

Topics covered in the course include Data structures, Algorithms, Time-space complexity analysis, systems design including mobile and web platforms, Interview Processes, Evaluation Criteria, Must-know Interview Tips, Top 10 Common Mistakes, Crafting your Resume, The Behavioral Interview, Coding tips deep-dive, Data Structures Deep Dives, Algorithms Deep Dives.

Bonus topics include Systems Design (in-depth episodes including mobile), Mock Interview Practice Sessions, 100+ coding sessions (CoderPro Bundle), and Offer negotiation strategies for maximizing your compensation.

Tech Interview Pro Projects And Tasks 

Tech interview pro does not involve any project for students. However, there are several practice interview questions included in the course. All questions are grouped according to the topics covered.

Tech Interview Pro Course Duration, Resources, And Certification 

The course runs for over 20+ hours broken into 150+ individual sessions. Tech Interview pro is a self-paced FAANG interview prep course. 

Therefore, students don’t get a certificate of completion after taking the course. It is more tailored to help students prepare for their upcoming interviews rather than build their credentials.

Tech Interview Pro Pricing And Bonuses

Tech interview Pro offers LIFETIME of access to the platform for $197 per month (six-month payments). There is also an option to get lifelong access for a one-time fee of $997 (save $400 using this link).

The first bonus included in the course is the bi-weekly Q & A sessions where students join Techlead on the platform every two weeks for an interactive moment. And they get to ask questions about the lessons.

They also get to ask personal questions in line with the FAANG interviews, careers, and life generally and receive insider secrets about the company they want to work for.

Professional Community

Tech interview pro provides an exclusive Facebook group for learners, past and present, to interact and learn from one another. They also get a chance to network and offer up insider tips to help fresh grads and applicants increase the odds of landing a job at any of the FAANG.

Resume Review

Having interviewed hundreds of FAANG applicants, Techlead brings his experience to the Techinterview Pro platform. He helps students optimize their resumes to stand out from the numerous applications submitted to each FAANG every year.

Content Update

Tech interview pro gives students access to updates. Therefore, each student can access current and future courses added to the platform. With every change in the tech interview space, the tech interview pro brings matching updates to the classes.

A recent addition to the platform is the code pro course, which used to be a stand-alone course. It is a collection of 100+ coding video explanations of several interview-related topics. The approach is quite different from the typical Tech interview pro.

2. NeetCODE

NeetCode is a website that provides a curated list of important LeetCode problems for coding interview preparation.

The website contains three lists, Blind 75, NeetCode 150, and NeetCode All. The NeetCode 150 list includes must-do LeetCode questions that are generally asked in interviews, with solutions provided in C++, Python, and Java.

NeetCode.io was created to make coding interview prep easier, and it includes the Blind 75, NeetCode 150, and NeetCode All lists.

Additionally, NeetCode (review) is a person who creates explainer/solution videos for these questions, which are available on their YouTube channel. Overall, NeetCode is a valuable resource for anyone preparing for coding interviews.

3. Grokking the Coding Interview

If you are looking for prep courses that can help you ace your FAANG interview, Grokking is another popular option.

The course was introduced by a design guru to help FAANG applicants develop the ability to map a new problem with existing or already known questions with similar solutions. It is a 100% interactive course hosted on the educative.io platform.  

The team has developed about 16 interview prep lessons to help candidates master these interview skills.

Grokking the Coding Interview Course Overview

The topic covered in this course include Sliding Window, Two Pointers, Fast & Slow pointers, Merge Intervals,  Cyclic Sort, In-place Reversal of a LinkedList, Tree Breadth First Search, Tree Depth First Search, Two Heaps, Subsets, Modified Binary Search, Bitwise XOR, Top ‘K’ Elements, K-way merge, 0/1 Knapsack (Dynamic Programming), and Topological Sort (Graph)

Grokking the coding interview features 75+ coding interview questions all targeted at various aspects of interview questions. Also included in the course is a hands-on coding environment, a comprehensive text-based article for every lesson, and an integrated development environment for code testing.

Grokking the Coding Interview Projects And Task

Students get to practice with real-world problems as a way to test their skills. Within the course, students get a few examples after which they get to the try-it-yourself aspects.

Course Duration, Resources, And Certification

Generally Grokking the coding interview course lasts for 50+ hours and comes with a certificate of completion. Grokking the coding interview is ideal for intermediate programmers who already have some experience with the interview process.

Grokking the Coding Interview Pricing And Bonuses

The pricing of Grokking depends on the plan students opt for. There are about three plans on the platform billed annually and monthly. The standard plan comes at $119, billed annually. It gives the student 12 months of unlimited access, New courses every week, Completion certificates, Skill assessments, and Early access to new classes. Again, the premium plan goes for $179, billed annually, where students have 12 months of unlimited access. 

Student who subscribe to this plan get new lectures every week, Completion certificates, Skill assessments, Early access to new lessons, Projects, and Personalized learning plans. Finally, the monthly plan also goes for $35 given, 1 month of unlimited access, New courses every week, Completion certificates, Skill assessments

There are no specific bonuses available on the platform.

4. AlgoMonster

AlgoMonster is one of the most affordable FAANG interview prep courses on the internet. With a one-time payment of $99, you get lifetime access to all the courses offered on the platform.

AlgoMonster was designed by a group of ex google developers and engineers who aced their interviews through their study with the Leetcode prep platform. The AlgoMonster platform was launched to plug all the gaps left by platforms like Leetcode and others.

Just like the Grokking coding interview course, AlgoMonster focuses on teaching observable patterns in the coding interview questions. It helps students understand the basics of every FAANG interview question without having to memorize past questions.  

Even if the questions change in the future, the patterns remain the same.

AlgoMonster Course Overview

AlgoMonste presents the FAANG interview prep courses in a more structured way to help cut down the time students spend dabbling in and out of various course sections. It is divided into 48 patterns and 231 lessons and tasks.  

They offer interactivity and engagement via an onsite integrated development environment (IDE) that supports up to six programming languages: python, java, javascript, C++, Racket, Go and Haskell.

The topics covered in the prep course include binary search, linked list, dynamic programming, algorithms, graph, topological sort, backtracking, system design, arrays, tries, recursions, heaps, stacks, and greedy algorithms, etc. However, you should bear in mind that AlgoMonster lessons do not come with explainer videos.

The lessons are text-based as a way to optimize the learning experience for students and increase the interactivity of the platform. You can read the articles about a lesson, view the example codes, and practice the assigned task, all in a single flow.

Algomonster Course Duration, Resources, And Certification

AlgoMonster features a total of 231 interview questions which should take an average of 20 to 30 hours to complete. There is no certification, and all the course resources and articles are provided within the learning environment.

Algomonster Pricing And Bonuses

The AlgoMonster course is priced at $99 for a lifetime. AlgoExpert does not offer any special bonuses. The priority is on the interview questions and the self-paced learning experience.

5. AlgoExpert

Like every other FAANG interview prep course, Algo experts help aspiring software developers, and software engineers master the interview engineer and work their way into their desired positions.

It provides 100+ interview practice questions with over 70+ hours of video explanations to go along with them. The platform was introduced by Clement Mihailescu who is both the co-founder and CEO.

He founded the platform in September of 2017, after several years working at key FAANG companies. Clement wanted a way to pay it forward, helping grads and anyone who wants to ace a FAANG interview. This desire led him to create the Algo Expert platform to fulfill his mission.

AlgoExpert Course Overview

Algo expert is more geared towards interview questions than providing training on how to answer interview questions. The course features over 100+ coding interview questions in study areas like Strings, arrays, recursion, binary search trees, searching, sorting, dynamic programming, linked lists, etc.

The questions are categorized according to the difficulty level from easy to extremely hard. Algo Expert provides interactive code editors where learners can test their code and receive feedback directly on the platform. And the editor supports up to 7 programming languages:

Kotlin, C++, Java, C# Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Swift.

The code editor also gives hints to help students with tricky questions. In addition to that, there are also lengthy video explanations to provide deeper clarification of technical questions.

AlgoExpert Prices And Bonuses

There are several plans available on the platform, based on the learning interest of the student. Each plan gives priority to certain types of interview questions. The AlgoExpert course goes for $99 billed annually.

The SystemsExpert category, which places emphasis on system design interview questions, goes for $60 billed annually. AlgoExperts also feature some bundled plans that are billed at $129 per annum. These bundles feature a combination of individual plans that would have cost a fortune if purchased separately.

6. Interview Kickstart

One of the core strengths of Interview Kickstart courses is that it focuses on helping students develop the ability to solve interviews very fast. Given the short time that’s allotted to the majority of FAANG interview questions, learning how to maximize the available time is one of the best things to learn. That is where the interview kickstart course comes in.

The interview kickstart course is handled by experienced instructors. Besides the curriculum, the instructors also give insider tips on how to prepare and ace FAANG interviews.

Interview Kickstart Course Overview

The course is structured to provide an easy flow from one topic to another. Students start by learning recursion, and progress to more complex subjects like graphs and trees. The course features a clean web interface with an excellent user experience. The course also features system design training, career services, technical coaching, etc.

All the lessons are video-based coupled with inline interview practice questions that students taking the course are required to solve. The Interview Kickstart course has recently improved the quality of its videos and organized its videos into a more logical structure.

Interview Kickstart Projects And Task

Students are given weekly homework which instructors help solve when students return to class. There are several questions for students to work on personally. The work environment also provides feedback on the errors in your code and what you can do to correct them. The timer also does a great job of showing you how long it took to solve a problem.

Course Duration, Resources, and Certification

The course lasts for eight months which is spread over several weeks for each topic and the last weeks are devoted to topics on career development and mock interviews.

Interview Kickstart Prices and Bonuses

Interview Kickstart is priced at a one-time $6200 to access the platform for the duration of the course, usually eight months.

One of the major bonuses that comes with the interview Kickstart course is the presence of coaches. The coaches are there to help you with most of the challenges you may face with your preparation including resume and negotiation.

Mock Interviews

The Interview Kickstart course provides several mock interview scenarios to help students prepare ahead. After each interview session, students receive a detailed review of their performance and pointers to aspects of their interview that need some work.  

7. Byte by Byte

Byte by Byte is a FAANG-focused interview prep course that was created by Sam Gavis-Hughson. The aim of the platform is to provide a user-friendly learning environment to software engineers who want to ace their interviews and land their dream jobs. It also helps engineers navigate the career development process.

The founder, Sam Gavis-Hughson, has helped thousands of software engineers land reputable positions in several FAANG companies. He discovered that success in any of the FAANG is determined by how well an applicant prepares for the interview.

To fill this gap, Sam launched the Byte by byte interview course, covering every aspect of FAANG interview questions.

One of the interesting things to note about byte by byte is their focus on curating interview questions and solutions that consistently deliver results to their students. They do this by constantly reviewing what worked for each of their students that aced a position in a FAANG.

Byte by Byte Course Overview

Byte by byte coding interview mastery course is hosted online, on their platform. It uses a combination of video-based lessons and pdf workbooks to walk students through a wide range of interview questions and topics.

The courses featured in the byte by byte platform include coding interview mastery lessons, system designs, recursion, array, priority queue, and dynamic programming. The courses are partner-focused.

Rather than building students towards memorizing or mastering interview questions exclusively, byte by byte places priority on learning the patterns that work in similar situations.

The interview questions are categorized by topics treated in the course. And students can also navigate the question from the easiest to the hardest.

Byte by Byte Course Duration

Ideally, the Byte by byte course should last for an average of 8 to 12 weeks as recommended by the platform. However, learners are free to delve in and out of the courses as they wish.

Byte by Byte Pricing And Bonuses.

Byte by byte costs a one-time fee of $297 for full access to all the courses and bonuses that come with the platform. Payment comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. As a bonus, students are invited to a Facebook community where they interact with one another. Plus there is a group coaching session for every participant. These sessions help students relate with coaches on a more personal level and receive specific help to challenges and difficulties they experience during the course or in any phase of the interview prep.

Another added benefit is the mock interview. Students taking the course get the opportunity to practise with the 5 mock interview sessions and a salary negotiation crash course.

8. Interview Cake

When searching for FAANG interview prep courses online, you are likely to stumble on interview Cake because it is one of the most popular online coding interview prep courses available. The platform was launched in 2013 by Parker Phinney as a way to help students master the coding interview questions, especially for FAANG companies.

He conceived the idea of an interview cake when he helped his friend prepare for her interview at one of the FAANG companies, Facebook. Parker helped lead his friend to land a position on Facebook.

Taking ideas from this experience, he built an interview cake as a means of reaching more people with his solution.

Interview Cake Course Overview 

Interview Cake is structured more like a book where you have a table of content, and each item in the table of content links to the broader article and questions about the topic.

The topics covered in the Interview Cake course include: Algorithmic thinking, big O notation, data structures, logarithms, array and string manipulation, array slicing, in-place algorithms, dynamic array, hashing and hash tables, greedy algorithms, sorting and searching, trees and graphs, dynamic programming and recursion, queues and stacks, linked lists, system designs, bit manipulation, combinatorics, probability and other math, Javascript, coding interview tips, and general programming

Unlike the video-based sessions common to some online interview prep courses, interview cake is a combination of text and exercises hosted on their web platform. Students can either go through the courses in order or decide to jump in and out of the sections of the course that interest them.

One of the unique attributes of interview cake is that the course focuses on the most important topics and questions that are necessary for the FAANG interview without going into other things like career development or coaching.

Also, navigating through the course is quite unique. Users can access the lessons through several methods. The first method is through the structured table of content on the course page.

The second is to go through the course through the company-specific interview questions. Another way is through the random practice path that takes you to any aspect of the course. And, finally is to navigate according to the topics.

Interview Cake Duration

There is no timmer to show how long the course lasts. However, at a regular pace, it is possible to complete all the lessons within 40 to 50+ hours. Also, Interview cake does not give certification. The core focus is on providing the knowledge needed for the interview questions.

Interview Cake Projects And Tasks

The lessons are self-paced. Therefore, projects are not included in the lessons. All the tasks are completed within the lectures. Hints are given on how to solve the more technical tasks.

Interview Cake Pricing And Bonuses

Students can pay $ 149 for three weeks of access to the platform, or pay a one-time access fee of $249 for 12 months. Payment comes with a money-back guarantee.

Wrapping Up

The best way to increase the chance of securing a job at a FAANG is to perform exceptionally well at the interview. Getting started with the best interview courses in 2022 is the best way to increase the odds and develop the skills and knowledge you need ahead of time. 

There are several other FAANG interview courses online, but the ones reviewed in this article feature some benefits and values that are not readily available in other prep courses. Each of the courses above can be used alone or combined with other courses.  


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