vs Pluralsight (An In-depth Review)

In today’s world, you don’t need to take computer science in college or attend coding boot camps to ace tech interviews and work as a programmer.

With just your laptop and internet connection, you can enrol in online programming courses and learn everything you need to go from beginner to job ready.

In today’s post, we are going to be comparing two of the most popular e-learning platforms for acquiring tech skills and preparing for coding interviews: Educative vs Pluralsight.

We are going to be looking into their;

  • Course content
  • Platform features
  • User reviews 
  • And pricing plans

In the end, we’ll give you our verdict on which platform is best for helping you achieve your dream job as a MAANG programmer.

So without further ado, let’s dive in! Overview is a popular e-learning platform designed for upskilling engineering teams, training individuals to learn how to code in any programming language from scratch, and helping HR teams onboard new graduates and hire faster.’s mission was to help developers learn new programming skills faster by learning in an interactive hands-on coding environment with text tutorials instead of video tutorials like other platforms – which to me, is great for balancing theory and practice.

Currently, the platform now boasts over 500 courses in various tech fields like Web development, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Science, etc.

What’s more? The platform is currently being used by almost 2 million developers working at top tech companies like Google, Amazon, Meta, Apple, Netflix, etc.

So if you choose Educative, you’d be in good company, and could achieve your developers’ goal faster.

Pluralsight Overview

Pluralsight is another leading EdTech e-learning platform founded in 2004 and is an all-in-one in-demand tech upskilling platform for both individuals and engineering teams.

In Pluralsight, you can learn all sorts of tech skills in fields like web development, IT OPs, UI & UX design, cyber security, etc.

Currently, Pluralsight Skills boasts over 7000 tech courses created by over 2000 instructors with strong tech backgrounds– most of which have built SaaS startups or tech communities.

The best part is that they have skill assessment quizzes to help you identify knowledge gaps and prepare for coding interviews.

So it doesn’t matter which tech skills you want to learn, Pluralsight Skills has it all, and more. vs Pluralsight: Comparison Overview 

Now, we have seen an overview of both platforms. Let’s get into the comparison. vs. Pluralsight – Course content

In this section, I’ll compare both programs in terms of their course content and features.

So let’s dive in. Course Content And Features has over 500 courses for various learning paths tailored for beginners, intermediate, and advanced developers. 

As you can imagine, it’ll be impossible for us to list all of them right here.

However, their courses are divided into various categories of skill paths:

  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Dev Ops
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Data Science

Here are some of their top courses under their respective skill paths:

Front End Development

1. Web Development: Unraveling HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

2. Building Front-End Web Applications With Plain JavaScript 

3. A Hands-On Guide To Angular

4. React Deep Dive: From Beginner To Advance

5. Intermediate JavaScript: Building Front-End Component

Back End Development

1. Developing Web Applications With PHP

2. Django: Python Web Development Unleashed

3. All-In-One Guide To Java Programming

4. Building Full Stack Web Application With Node.js

5. Java Masterclass For Software Development

Mobile App Development

1. Swift Programming For Mobile App Development

2. Modern Android Development With Java

3. Building Applications With React Native

4. Mastering Mobile Application Development With Ionic

5. Modern Android App Development With Kotlin

6. Beginning Flutter: Android Mobile App Development

Machine Learning

1. A Practical Guide to Machine Learning With Python

2. Introduction To Deep Learning & Neural Networks

3. Business Machine Learning

4. Fundamentals Of Machine Learning For Software Engineers

5. Mastering Machine Learning Theory and Practice


1. Working with containers: Docker and Docker Compose

2. Development: A Guide To Modern Software Delivery

3. The DevOps Toolkit: Working with Jenkins X

4. A Practical Guide To DevOps In Azure

Cloud Computing

1. A Practical Guide To Kubernetes

2. Navigating Cloud Engineering As A Career Path

3. Beginner To Advanced Computing and Logic Building

4. Google Cloud: AI Speech-To-Text with Python

5. Beginners Guide To Terraform

Data Science

1. Data Science For Non-Programmers

2. Data Science In Production: Building Scalable Model Pipelines

3. Linear Algebra For Data Science Using Python

4. Introduction To Big Data and Hadoop

5. Game Data Science using R

Remember, these are not all the courses on As I said, there are over 500+ courses, and they support virtually all programming languages, frameworks, and software.

All I had to do was choose the skill I wanted to learn, and the best courses were recommended. Features

One thing I love about taking courses on Educative is the several built-in features aimed at enhancing a smooth e-learning experience.’s top features include an interactive coding playground, coding challenges, illustrations, built-in code editors, and real-time feedback on code submissions.

Interactive Coding Playground

In everything is interactive. From the editable coding snippet, the coding feedback, and progress tracking, to the in-depth discussion with mentors and fellow learners.

You don’t ever feel like you’re doing it alone. Everything is working with you as you blaze through the lessons page by page.

Coding Challenges

For every course you take, there are accompanying coding challenges designed to help you become proficient in the skills. 

Some courses have over 40 coding challenges, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be better equipped to ace challenges in coding challenge websites like LeetCode, Coderbyte, CodeChef, HackerRank, etc.

Built-in Code Editor has a built-in code editor that imitates VS Code.

Inside this editor, you can write code in any programming language, debug your code with its built-in terminal, organize code files, and set your code to run manually or automatically.

The best part for me is I can switch between light or dark modes, and customize the user interface to my taste. Cool, right?


In addition to their text-based lessons, there are illustrations packed into every course for breaking down complex programming concepts.

There are also step-by-step image screenshots to help you configure websites for coding projects outside their platforms.

Real-Time Feedback On Code Submission

This interactive coding feature has helped all learners, including me.

When you edit a coding snippet or are asked to solve a quick challenge, there’s instant feedback on your submission indicating right ✅ or wrong ❌.

This takes you away from all the theories and promotes hands-on coding practice.

Pluralsight Course Content And Features 

Pluralsight has thousands of tech courses created by thousands of tech instructors. A whopping 7000+ courses from over 2000+ professional tutors and industry experts.

I can tell you for free, there are no programming languages or software development skills you need to learn that have not been in-depth covered on Pluralsight.

And like, each course is designed for either beginners, intermediate, or advanced learners.

Let’s look at their various skill paths and see the courses they offer;

Software Development

Pluralsight has tons of courses for software development. This covers Web development, Mobile App Development, and Desktop Applications.

You’ll find courses on C, C#, Bootstrap, Java, Angular, MEAN and MERN Stack, Python, PHP, and much more.

There are also courses on other developer skills like Bash, Z Shell, GitHub, etc.

IT Ops

If you’re interested in IT/Dev Ops, Pluralsight has hundreds of in-depth courses that will lead you from beginner to expert level.

Some of the courses cover career paths like DevSecOps, Virtualization, Bitbucket Cloud, JIRA, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, SQL Server, AWS S3, Asible, etc.

Information & Cyber Security

If you want to become a Cyber Security Expert, there are also courses for you on Pluralsight.

Some of their top Cyber Security courses cover CompTIA Security, Web App Penetration Testing, Security Architecture/Design, Asymmetric Cryptography Encryption, Nmap 7, Cisco Cyber Ops, Vulnerability Management, and Threat Hunting With Yara.

Data Professional

Pluralsight has multiple courses on Data Analytics for those going into career paths that require skills in Big Data, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

Here are some of Pluralsight Data Professional Courses;

1. Deploying Microsoft Azure Data Solutions

2. Querying Data With T-SQL from SQL Server

3. PostgreSQL Data Manipulation Playbook

4. SQL Data Wrangling In Oracle

5. Getting Started With Data Analytics Using Python

Pluralsight Features

Pluralsight is packed with tons of features than I have seen in any other e-learning platform.

From App/offline viewing, Badges, Extensions, Learning Checks, and Interactive courses to Guides and Skill IQ.

Let’s talk about some of these features.

App/Offline Viewing

Since Pluralsight Skill courses are mostly in video formats, the platform allows learners to download courses for viewing offline on their mobile, desktop, or smart TV devices. 


Skill Badges we’re designed to reward learners and help them stay committed to their curriculum.

There are various badges you can acquire as you make learning progress and achieve more strides on the platform.

This helps you track your progress, stay committed, and bag the skill in no Time.


Unlike any other e-learning platform, Pluralsight has two Extensions designed to enhance the learning experience.

1. Pluralsight Chrome Extension: This Extension helps you search for any tech skill content on Pluralsight.

You can simply highlight any programming topic anywhere on the internet and find similar resources on Pluralsight.

2. Pluralsight VS Code Extension: This Extension helps you source guides for Pluralsight while you are coding on Vs Code in real-time.

This means when you encounter a coding problem in Vs Code, you can simply consult the Pluralsight Vs Code Extension and get relevant resources that will walk you through the solutions.

Skill IQ

Skill IQ is Pluralsight’s most outstanding feature.

This skill assessment test can help you discover your current level of proficiency in whatever tech skill you’re learning.

It shows you what you’ve already mastered, and what you should be learning right now, and it’s accurate. 

This feature is especially helpful for those preparing coding interviews who want to know the current knowledge gap so they can upskill, practice more, and be prepared to ace their coding interviews. vs Pluralsight – Pricing

Despite all the amazing features of both platforms, their pricing plans could still play a huge role in choosing which one to go for.

So let’s look into their pricing plans and see which prep platform has the best pricing. Pricing 

Firstly, has some freemium courses. All you have to do is create an account to get started.

However, for major in-demand skills, you’ll have to pay to access the course. And for that, they have two pricing packages: Enterprise Package & Individual Packages.

Individual Package Individual package has 3 pricing plans:

  • Standard ($9.99 per month billed annually)
  • Premium ($14.99/month billed annually)
  • Monthly ($35/month billed monthly)

Enterprise Package

The Enterprise plan also has 3 pricing plans;

  • Team ($179 per user billed annually)
  • Enterprise ($239 per user billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plus

Pluralsight Pricing

Pluralsight does not have freemium courses like Educative. However, you can access any course on their platform for free – for only 10 days.

Pluralsight pricing plans are divided into two major packages: Individual Plans & Team Plans

Individual Plan

$159/year($19/month)$191/year ($29/month)
Limited core library of 2500 coursesAccess to the Full Library of 7000+ courses, niche topics, and recording of past conferences
Skill Role Assessment Hands-On content and coding projects
Curated Learning Paths and ChannelCertification Exam Prep For Industry-Leading Certificates
Coding Challenges

Team Plan

Starter Professional Enterprise
$399/year ($33.25/month)$579/year($48.25/month)$799/year ($64.91/month)
Limited core library of 2500 coursesAccess to the Full Library of 7000+ coursesAccess to advanced content, niche topics, and recording of past conferences
Limited AnalyticsTeam Level Reporting and User AnalyticsRole Customization
Skill and Role Assessment Secure, Hands-on Content, Including Sand Box, Labs, and Real World ProjectsSkill development plans, and Skill progression insight 
Curated Learning Paths and ChannelsCertification Exam Prep For Industry-Leading CertificatesTop-of-the-line skills, roles, and channel analytics
Q&A with subject matter experts Pros and Cons


  • Fully Interactive Learning Platform
  • Budget Friendly Plans
  • Freemium Courses
  • Strong Developer Community


  • No Offline Learning
  • Newbies can be easily overwhelmed
  • No video tutorial for video learners

Pluralsight Pros and Cons


  • Multiple features that truly advance the learning experience
  • Accurate assessment test
  • Offline learning available
  • Largest library of in-depth courses


  • Pricey Individual Plans
  • Overwhelming course library
  • Access to experts only available for premium plans

Which InterviewPrep Platform is Better?

If you are learning as an individual, I’d recommend you go for EducativeIo.

They have all you need to learn and it’s less pricey. In fact, is our top #2 pick for the best interview prep platform in 2023.

Pluralsight is also great for individual learners, but that’s if you can afford it.

However, if you want an interview course that is proven to help learners land developers’ jobs in top tech companies, we’ll recommend Tech Interview Pro.

Tech Interview Pro only costs a one-time discounted fee of $597. And you’ll have lifetime access to all the courses along with a strong community of developers that have landed tech jobs by taking this course.

With that said, I hope we could help you choose which platform is best for learning how to code and land tech jobs in top tech companies.

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